A Few Days ago I did a Post on Photography

A few days ago, a post on photography – the second post in this regard is due to people’s choice۔ This question is usually asked which camera is good, or what I want to take the camera, so which one will be better۔ So the simple answer to the first thing is that the good camera is what you have on the spot۔ It’s not just a matter of humor, but people have made great pictures of their cell phone cameras that man is stunned to see۔ The important thing is, what is the feature of the camera, and as far as it can be used, you should have this information، So you can also make great pictures with normal normal cameras۔ Best DSLR Cameras with Wifi

You can divide the cameras into categories in three۔ The first category is of cell phone cameras۔ The sensor size of these cameras is very small, and they have a focal lenth fix۔ That is, they do not have an optical zoom facility۔ They only have a digital zoom, the job of which is to crop the image in a personalized area۔ This is appropriate to use it۔ And after taking the photo, work should be done to crop yourself in any photo processing software۔ This will benefit if you are able to cross the same image in another area later۔ The cell phone works in the original power block or macro picture of the camera۔ For example, you can take the flower or any and ITM’s close-up picture cell phone from the camera very well۔ If similar macro picture is intended to be taken from the DSLR camera, the specific lenses are very expensive for it۔ While the cell phone camera in your pocket can make the same thing easier۔ Perfational and non-professionals, the quality difference will be,

but it is not Important for Amateur Photography۔

The second main category of cameras is point and shoot cameras۔ These include small cameras in light pockets, from large DSLR-shaped cameras۔ The main feature of these cameras is the option of Fix Lens, Mager High Power Zoom۔ The sensor of these cameras is larger than cell phone cameras, but their sensor is smaller than the full frame۔ (Fill frame sensor ⁇ calls MM size (36 mm × 24 mm) sensor)۔ The image of these cameras due to the small sensor does not see or decrease the field of depth (beacon of the background, and the sharpening of the fograwned)، Which is the special of the DSLR۔ These cameras have general features with DSLR, and that’s why these are the first drops of amateur photographers۔ Pictures of distant subjects are possible due to the facility of high power slaughter, but be taken into account as far as the image you will draw، The camera shake problem will be so loud۔ That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there۔

The third category of cameras consists of DSLR and airrorless cameras۔ airrorless has recently entered this regard۔ The biggest feature of these cameras is the size of their sensors and the replacement of lenses۔ The difference between DSLR and merrorless is that the view you see in DSLR’s View Finder is a glass raffle، While in the viewfinder of the airrorless, what you are seeing leads to digital technology۔ The size of the airrorless is also smaller than the DSLR cameras, and their lenses are also relatively small۔ However, for airrorless, the lens is now less than the Variety DSLR, with the tide growing over time۔ All the major camera makers have now introduced their own motorless cameras۔

The sensor sizes of entry level DSLR and airrorless cameras are usually APS-C sizes, slightly smaller than the full frame۔ And that’s why one of their pictures is less than the field of depth full frame، And their other photos include cropping fixor compared to the full frame۔ cropping factor means that if a picture is taken from Phil Farham on the Petis MM Focal Lenth, he will cover more area due to the larger sensor، And the non-full frame will show a slightly cropped area due to small sensors۔ A Few Days ago I did a Post on Photography

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