Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) – Lightning

AirPods Pro offer up to twice as much active noise cancellation,ยน plus adaptive transparency, and personalized spatial audio with dynamic head tracking to create an immersive sound experience. Plus, now with four ear tips (xS, s, m, l) and up to six hours of battery life.

The new AirPods Pro H2 chip, designed by Apple, takes your audio experience to the next level. With smarter noise cancellation, three-dimensional sound, and improved battery life, AirPods Pro improves on the best AirPods Pro features. The AirPods Pro’s low distortion driver and amplifier deliver crisp and clear high notes, deep, rich bass, and more vivid sound than ever before. With up to 2x more active noise cancellation than the previous generation, you’ll hear dramatically less noise on your commute or when you need to concentrate. With Adaptive Transparency, you’ll be able to listen to the world around you in real time, while minimizing the impact of loud noises such as sirens or construction. Each AirPods Pro model comes with four pairs of silicone tips, with an extra extra small size, to create an acoustic seal and keep AirPods Pro firmly in place. Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) – Lightning

Now $189.00

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