Apple introduced the Watch Series 6 and Watch SE

Apple today introduced the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. The Apple Watch Series 6 is an improved version of the Series 5 in terms of features. In the Apple Watch Series 6, the company has introduced a new chipset, which includes a new dual-core chip that Apple claims is the same as the previous Watch Series 5. 20% faster than the set. It also integrates a U1 chip that enables ultra-wideband antenna short-range wireless location. With this feature, you can use your Apple Watch Series 6 as digital car keys.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is equipped with a new heart rate sensor that can also measure the amount of oxygen in the blood (SpO2). The operating system of the Apple Watch Series 6 is WatchOS 7. Max gives a reading, which shows the user’s overall fitness level. The Watch Series 6 can track the user’s sleep. It can detect hand washing and provides data about several types of exercise. The new and improved Always On Display mode on the Apple Watch Series 6 is about two and a half times brighter than before. Apple has also included a new altimeter in it. Its battery timing is about 18 hours like the Watch Series 5, while thanks to fast charging, it gets fully charged in about an hour and a half.

Today, Apple also introduced the affordable Apple Watch SE. It is similar to the Series 5 in design. It also has the same heart rate monitor and chipset as the Series 5, but it has the Series 6’s accelerometer, gyroscope and always-on altimeter. Apple Watch SE pre-orders have also started. Its delivery will also start from Friday. Its 40mm model starts at $279 and the 44mm model starts at $309. The price goes up to $329 and $359 for the cellular connectivity option. Apple will continue to sell its Watch Series 3 for now. Its 38mm model costs $199 and the 42mm model costs $229.

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