10 -Best Cheap Wireless Mouse – 2024

Choosing the “best” wireless mouse depends on the expectations and needs of different users, but I can provide examples of some well-known and favorite wireless mice: Best Cheap Wireless Mouse – 2024

The best wireless gaming mouse provides the same level of precision as a conventional gaming mouse without the bother of wires. When the cord becomes caught under the corner of your show, there is no need to drag it or tug on it; all of the action is cable-free to fit with your gaming preferences. The best wireless gaming mouse provides snag-free, clean, buttery-smooth gaming.

The Razer Deathadder V3 Pro is presently the best wireless gaming mouse due to its excellent sensor and long battery life. It faces fierce competition, though, from an entirely novel type of swift, wireless rodents that have emerged from the shadows due to developments in sensors and protocols for communication from Logitech, Corsair, and PixArt. There are many of them that have excellent battery life, and the intense competition creates designs that are warm and innovative. Best Cheap Wireless Mouse

1. Razer Deathadder V3 Pro

razer deathadder v3 pro

The best wireless gaming mouse Razer Deathadder V3 is the ultimate gaming mouse. It’s sleek, ergonomic, and fits your hand perfectly for hours of gaming. With Razer’s HyperSpeed wireless tech, you’ll have a smooth and lag-free experience, giving you a competitive edge. The mouse’s 20,000DPI optical sensor ensures accurate tracking, making every move on the screen fast and precise. Customizable Chroma RGB lighting lets you match your gaming setup, or create your own unique visual experience. Eight programmable buttons provide convenience and versatility. You can assign macros and shortcuts to your mouse for quick access during your intense gaming sessions. Battery life is up to 70 hours, so you don’t have to worry about interruptions and recharging. All in all, it’s a must-have gaming mouse for any dedicated gamer who wants to take their gaming to the next level.


  • DPI: 30,000
  • Sensor: Focus Pro 30K Optical
  • Battery: 90 hours rechargeable
  • Interface: USB Type-C
  • Buttons: 5
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed
  • Weight: 2.22 oz (63g)

2. Logitech G305 Lightspeed

Logitech G305 Lightspeed

The best budget wireless gaming mouse Whether you’re looking for a casual gaming mouse or a pro-level gaming mouse, you’ve come to the right place. With precision and performance at the forefront of Logitech’s gaming experience, you’re sure to find the perfect mouse for your gaming needs. The G305 is the perfect wireless gaming mouse for casual and competitive gamers alike. It’s packed with Logitech Lightspeed technology that delivers lag-free, ultra-responsive, and lightning-fast performance. It’s also incredibly lightweight at 99 grams. If you’re the type of player who prefers a lighter mouse, this is the mouse for you. Battery life on the G305 is an impressive 250 hours on one AA battery, so you’ll be able to focus on your gameplay without worrying about running out of battery life. Connectivity and comfort are at the forefront of the G305’s design, with a compact, ergonomic design that ensures comfort no matter how long you’re gaming. Tracking accuracy is at an all-time high with the G305, thanks to its 12,000DPI HERO sensor. Whether you’re playing casual or


  • DPI: 12,000
  • Sensor: Optical Hero
  • Battery: 250 hours, AA
  • Interface: USB
  • Buttons: 6
  • Ergonomic: Ambidextrous (left-side thumb buttons)
  • Weight: 3.5oz (99g)

3. Logitech G Pro X Superlight

Logitech G Pro X Superlight

The best feeling wireless gaming mouse For gaming mice, the Logitech G Pro X Superlight is revolutionary. This lightweight mouse offers unmatched performance and accuracy for a very immersive gaming experience, and it was created with expert gamers in mind. As of the lightest gaming the mouse available, the Superlight weighs just under 63 grams and enables smooth glides and rapid reactions. With ambidextrous form that can be changed to accommodate any grip type and adjustable buttons, the sleek and simple design fits easily in your hand. With no smoothing, filtering, or acceleration, the Hero 25K sensor tracks motions up to 25,600 DPI with unparalleled accuracy. You can anticipate a lag-free connection thanks to its ultra-low-latency wireless technology, which will give you an advantage in fast-paced games. The Superlight


  • DPI: 25,600
  • Sensor: HERO 25K
  • Battery: 70 hours rechargeable
  • Interface: Micro-USB
  • Buttons: 5
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed
  • Weight: 2.22 oz (63g)

4. Glorious Model O 2 Wireless

Glorious Model O 2 Wireless

The best competitive wireless gaming mouse The Glorious Model O 2 Wireless is a gaming mouse that offers a range of impressive features. One of its standout qualities is its wireless functionality, which provides gamers with the freedom to move without being restricted by cables. This is particularly advantageous for those who engage in fast-paced games that require quick reflexes and precise movements. Additionally, the Model O 2 Wireless boasts a lightweight design, making it comfortable to use for extended periods of time. Its ergonomic shape and customizable buttons further enhance the overall gaming experience, allowing users to tailor the mouse to their specific preferences. With its impressive performance and user-friendly features, the Glorious Model O 2 Wireless is a top choice for gamers seeking a high-quality wireless mouse.


  • DPI: 26,000
  • Sensor: BAMF 2.0
  • Battery: ~110 hours rechargeable
  • Interface: USB Type-C
  • Buttons: 6
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed
  • Weight: 2.39 oz (68g)

5. Razer Naga Pro

Razer Naga Pro

The best MMO/MOBA wireless mouse The Razer Naga Pro is a gaming mouse that offers a range of impressive features. One of its standout qualities is its versatility. The mouse comes with three interchangeable side plates, allowing users to customize the layout of the buttons to suit their preferences and gaming needs. This makes it ideal for a variety of gaming genres, from MMOs to first-person shooters. Additionally, the Naga Pro boasts a high-precision 20,000 DPI optical sensor, providing accurate tracking and smooth cursor movement. The mouse also offers wireless connectivity, giving gamers the freedom to move around without being restricted by cables. Overall, the Razer Naga Pro is a top choice for gamers seeking a customizable and high-performance mouse.


  • DPI: 20,000
  • Sensor: Razer Focus+ optical sensor
  • Battery: 150 hours rechargeable
  • Interface: USB Type-C
  • Buttons: Up to 20 (3x swappable plates)
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed
  • Weight: 4.13 oz (117g)

What is Wireless Mouse?

keyceo wireless mouse with USB plug and play & stable cursor: The USB nano receiver can be stored in the back of the mouse, support USB plug and play. In addition, 2.4GHz wireless provides a powerful, reliable connection, with a transmission distance of up to 33ft (10m). Which eliminated delay, interference, accurate circuit & high speed data transmission. Great wireless mouse for home and office.
Casio Wireless Mouse with Power Saving Mode: The wireless mouse with long battery life comes with Smart Auto Sleep Mode, when the power consumption is low, the mouse will automatically enter sleep mode to save power. Save, if you don’t use it by 8. Minute, then click the mouse moves again. keyceo wireless mouse is universal compatibility. & Wide Use: The wireless optical MacBook mouse is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Linux and macOS (version 10.4 or higher). Note: Side buttons do not work in iOS system. Also compatible for PC, laptop, MacBook and more. Great optical computer mice for various activities!

A wireless mouse is a cordless mouse that is used from a computer or laptop without wires. This mouse works through battery or charging and connects to the computer wirelessly. Best cheap wireless mouse for work

Wireless mice usually use two types of batteries: mice with replaceable batteries in which you can replace the battery when it malfunctions، And mouse with rechargeable rechargeable batteries in which you can charge the mouse when its battery runs out.

There is usually a switch to activate the wireless mouse that you can activate or turn off. This mouse reads the movement through the tracking sensor and transmits this information via a wireless link to a computer or laptop through the battery.

The wireless mouse is usually connected to the computer via a USB dongle that serves to transmit data from the mouse’s battery to the computer. The USB dongle has to be punched with the receiver tag found with the mouse to allow the dongle data to be connected to the correct mouse.

The importance of a wireless mouse is that it does not allow you to sit near the computer and you do not use a wire to pull it or move it Doing. It gets rid of you and gives you the freedom to sit away from the nearest computer and use it. A modest battery of wireless mice is usually a few best cheap wireless mouse 2023

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