10- Best Infant Toys in 2023

Don’t underestimate your baby when it comes to playtime! The littlest babies can reach new heights through playing with toys, developing new skills such as reaching, grasping, hand-eye coordination and learning cause and effect. And it all starts at birth! “Play is something that begins in infancy and we see a newborn going from unoccupied play to solitary play within 3 months of birth, which is a huge milestone for our babies!” says Becky Thomas founder and teacher of Playgroup, a specialist in Infant and Family Development, Early Childhood and Special Education. We didn’t include plush animals in our list of newborn gifts. You’ll likely get plenty of bears, bunnies and other stuffed animals as newborn gifts. Instead, our GIPI parenting pros and early childhood specialists highlighted developmental toys that help specific skills, as well as toys your baby can manhandle and that engage multiple senses. These are for the really little ones! the good toy group 10- Best Infant Toys in 2023

Children naturally want to play and they need toys to play. Children acquire many skills through play. Playing with toys strengthens the grip of children’s hands and fingers and develops hand-eye coordination. Children feel satisfaction and happiness from playing. They are so engrossed in the game that they don’t notice the passing of time, thus increasing their attention span. Toys are a reflection of the real world. Children want to do the things they see their parents doing every day. That’s why toys are made like the real thing. Following are some guiding principles:
The development of children is considered an important responsibility of parents because the birth of children is a general and natural thing which is the same for animals and humans. There is intelligence and consciousness which is not found in animals. 10- Best Infant Toys in 2023
Set aside a part of the house or a corner of the room for children to play. Where children can comfortably play with their toys for hours. Keep toys organized in a closet so that children get used to putting them back in their place after playing with them. Neither buy very expensive toys nor so cheap that they break in the slightest play. Always buy toys keeping quality and utility in mind. Even if there are no toys in the house, household items can be given as toys. Like pan, lid, spoon, sieve, balan, old household equipment etc.
Always choose toys that are age-appropriate and enhance their learning abilities. To the children There are many different types of toys available for children that help in their training, development, and entertainment. Here is a list of some of the best baby toys:

Puzzles: Puzzles are a fun educational tool for kids. They help children think, problem solve, and make connections. LEGO Building Blocks: Legos provide opportunities for children to be creative and build.  Crayons and Colored Paper: These allow children to make announcements and use their own colors, introducing them to the world of colors. Story Books: Good stories for children help them develop their intelligence, ideas, and languages.

Toys play an important role in the education of children. This is the time when parents choose the best and educational toys for their children so that children can learn in a fun way and progress in their training. Here we will discuss the best toys for kids: 10- Best Infant Toys in 2023

Stack & Count Stacking Cups

The First Years Stack & Count Stacking Cups

Nearly 80,000 five-star Amazon reviews
  • Helps you introduce colors, numbers and size
  • Fun to nest, stack and knock down
  • Holes in the bottom make them fun tub toys
  • Not for young infants — best once your baby can sit

Cups nestled into each other are magical to a baby, and these colorful cups do more than that. Once an infant has mastered the art of grasping the cups, stacking them to form a tower is an excellent form of problem solving and cause and effect play, which are precursors to many of the skills a baby will develop later on, Thomas says. These cups can be used to discuss colors and point out the raised numbers at the bottom. They are also great tub toys, as the holes in the bottoms turn each one into a sieve. These cups have a whopping 80,000+ five-star Amazon reviews.

Ages 6 months+
Primary material BPA-free plastic, according to the manufacturer

Bright Starts Oball

  • 32 finger holes so even a young baby can grab on
  • Lightweight and colorful
  • Helps with hand-eye coordination and grasp
  • Made to be squashed and thrown
  • Not dishwasher safe


Ages Birth+
Primary material BPA-free plastic, according to the manufacturer

Flip Fish

Melissa & Doug Flip Fish

  • Babies love to manipulate the fabric tags
  • Has patterns and hidden pictures to discover
  • Fun toy to put in front of your baby at tummy time
  • Large, may not be easy to throw in a diaper bag


Ages Birth+
Primary material Polyester
Pull Along Sensory Box Montessori Edition

Creative Kids Pull Along Sensory Box Montessori Edition

  • Fun with pulling out the colorful tissues
  • Some tissues crinkle, others are smooth
  • High-contrast colors capture baby’s interest
  • Will be fun into toddlerhood
  • Your young baby needs your help refilling the box


Ages 5 months+
Primary material Polyester
PipSquigz Combo Set

Fat Brain Toys PipSquigz Combo Set

  • Sticks to flat surfaces, but also easy for a baby to pull off
  • Pieces are fun to fidget with and can stick to each other
  • Great high-chair toy
  • Later, your tot will experiment with sticking them anywhere
  • A little pricier than most baby hand toys


Ages 6 months+
Primary material Silicone

SmartNoggin NogginRings

  • Contrasting colors catch a newborn’s eye
  • Rattles to engage your baby’s hearing
  • Fun for an infant to grasp and explore
  • Watch your baby learn to pass it from hand to hand
  • It’s a great first toy — but also the first toy they’ll outgrow


Ages Birth to 12 months
Primary material BPA-free plastic, according to the manufacturer

Fat Brain Toys InnyBin

  • Excellent toy for building patience and frustration tolerance
  • Babies can put objects in and pull them back out
  • Helps babies develop spatial reasoning
  • You may have to demonstrate how it works to baby Best infant toys 0 3 months


Ages 10 months+
Primary materials BPA-free plastic, according to the manufacturer
Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

  • Small toy easy to take on the go
  • Lights up and plays 7 classical songs
  • Volume control
  • Comes with batteries but be ready to replace them 10- Best Infant Toys in 2023


Ages 3 to 36 months
Primary material Plastic
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