Big News for Instagram Reel Users

Instagram has recently introduced a new and best future to download Instagram reels posted by Public Cones now in Meta-owned Instagram It has been confirmed that this futures up is being introduced globally as well. Instagram users also share the release posted on public profiles in DMs and stories With the help of this new future, users around the world have posted on the public profile that they will be able to download and share the reels, said Ed Mosseri, head of Instagram It was announced through its broadcast channel that now all users can easily download the reels shared through public accounts

and send them to the phone gallery He also said that all Instagram will appear as DZs and Water which have been downloaded locally, this improvement Future Worst It has also been introduced for all users i.e. reaching the accounts of this feature can take so much work on the three dots looking to the right on Instagram reels You can also tap and save and click by saving. By doing this, you can go to the save tape and access it whenever you want If you have an account, you can also turn off the option to download the up release by default Big News for Instagram Reel Users

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