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A few years ago, creating a website was a very difficult task, and not every internet user could create a website on their own. Rather, he had to hire a web developer who knew coding. But things have changed with time and now creating a website by yourself is not such a difficult task. Because all the coding softwares do it themselves, you just need to do a few clicks in a certain sequence. Just like you create your Facebook ID or email account with few clicks. Create Your Free Website – Build Your Own Website,

Today’s article will show you how to launch a website from scratch. The entire process takes a maximum of an hour, and your website is created.

Designing, creating pages and adding content to a website after its launch is a long and life-long task that never ends.

I have also launched a five-day live course on creating a website on WordPress, which teaches you how to create a website. There are two options:

One is that you are only taught how to launch a website and set it up. The fee is only twenty five dollars.

Second, this course is designed to build your own website. The fee is sixty dollars.

How to start a website?

First understand two or three things so that you can understand the terms used in it.


Just like when you use a mobile phone or a computer, you need a hard disk or memory card to store your data in it, the more data you have, the larger the memory card or hard disk you need. Just like the data that will be on your website i.e. whatever you upload, be it words, or images, or videos etc. to save it all.

You also need a hard disk. Your data that is visible on the website is on this hard disk and from there your website is visible. You have to buy this memory or space from a company for the data you see on the website. There are big companies in the world that rent this memory. Usually this rent is charged on an annual basis. That is, just like you rent a house and keep your stuff in it, similarly you have to rent memory or space from a company to keep the website stuff. This space is called hosting.


A domain is the address you give people to get to your website: like our website

Now nuktaguidance is our “domain” after the W in it. This domain name also has to be purchased and has an annual fee.

C panel

Like watching or listening to photos, videos, audios in your mobile gallery, but sometimes you also need to go to their original folder, then you go to a folder of file name in mobile, there mobile Memory, and the card are visible, then you can go into them and make any changes you want. Even on such a website you do all the work in your website dashboard but sometimes there is an issue where you need to go inside the actual folders of your data. And the place where these actual folders are kept is called “C-Panel”.


You have to download different applications to do different things on mobile. Like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. In order to perform various functions on such a website, Word Press applications have to be installed. These are called “plug-ins”.

Hosting, domain purchase

When you plan to build a website, the first thing to do is to get hosting from a company. Here are some of the companies you can buy hosting and domains from:


Go to whichever company you like, choose your domain and hosting plan and complete the purchase process. For which you need to add the Visa or credit card details issued by the bank. In this way hosting and domain will be given to you after receiving required amount from your account.

Usually these companies give the domain free with hosting for the first time, then you have to pay the domain fee every year from the following year.

Installation on WordPress

After purchasing the hosting and domain, it needs to be installed on WordPress. For this, you need to log in to your hosting company’s website.

Then log in to C-Panel from the dashboard.

Build your own website

Now you will see a lot of C-Panel options and software. Scroll down to the bottom of them, and click on WordPress.

Build your own website

Now enter your domain here

Enter the website name, title and description

Enter username and password and email

Choose any theme, it can be changed later.

And click on install.

Build your own website
So sir your website is launched, and one can visit it from anywhere.

Word Press Dashboard
Now type your full domain in the Google search bar and open your website:

Now you will see your website but nothing on it.

Now to login to your website type this next to the domain written above

WordPress will ask you for an email/username and password. Enter the same email/username and password that you created when you installed WordPress.

Now you click on the setting tab and do some necessary settings

In Site Title, write the title of your website by topic

Write a short description in the tagline using words that are relevant to your website.

Make any other necessary settings you may want to make.

After logging in, you will be presented with a dashboard through which you can manage your website.

Install some necessary plugins, eg

Really Simple SSL
Advanced Editor Tools (previously TinyMCE Advanced)

For Q, click on the Plugins tab, click on Add New and find the required plugin in the search to install and activate it.

Install a theme related to the purpose you want to run the website for.

Click on Appearance, then click on Theme and then click on Add New Theme.

While installing the theme, make sure that it is lightweight. Mobile friendly. You can install one of the following themes:


Theme settings

When you install a custom theme. For example, if you have an online store, or you have a news website, or you do blogging, etc. Each theme also has its own settings and required plugins. This is such a detailed work that I cannot cover it within one article. However, let me tell you a secret, and it is the biggest weapon in the Internet world that most people don’t know about. And that is search

That is, you should know how to search on the Internet, Google, YouTube. You want to do any work but you don’t know how to do it, so you search for that work in google search or youtube search. To search, type the word “how to” at the beginning of the task, for example: Create Your Free Website – Build Your Own Website

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