Fan Heater WF-5146

The perfect electric fan heater with a power indicator light is offered by Westpoint. Compared to the quartz heater, the halogen heater emits more light and has more heat capacity. It is an electric fan heater that is simple to modify to your specifications. The electric fan heater has a 1000–2000W power output. A sturdy base that prevents it from toppling over is another feature that this finest room heater has. Fan Heater WF-5146

The performance of electric room heaters is excellent for all sizes, types, and prices of rooms. A simple switch flip will transform any room into a cozy sleeping quarters for the room heater.

Best Room Heater

  • 2 Heat Settings 1000/2000W
  • Cool/Warm/Hot wind for selection
  • Adjustable Room Thermostat
  • Automatic Control Temperature
  • Overheat protection
  • Power Indicator Light
  • With tip-over switch
  • 90° Oscillation
  • 1000 Watts | 220 – 240V – 50/60Hz



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