Hair Care Set WF-6912

The greatest hair dryer and straightener in Pakistan are professionally created to offer you the correct appearance when you leave the salon. It is essential for travel and simple to pack this little hair dryer with a detachable brush into your luggage. This is practical to use because to its ergonomic, lightweight, and small handle. The cable is long enough to allow for simple style and mobility. In Pakistan, our hair dryer prices are the lowest. Hair Care Set WF-6912

With a regulated, rotating, adjustable temperature and salon high temperature, the hair straightener will satiate the needs of all hair types. Any type of hair, whether sensitive, damaged, or healthy hair, may be styled with the adjustable temperature. Additionally, it provides your hair a classy look. Hair Care Set WF-6912

Hair Dryer:

  • Foldable function with 2 heat settings. 
  • 1200 Watts

Hair Straightener:

  • Variable temperature control. 
  • 35 Watts


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