Hair Straightener WF-6711

The ceramic-coated plate on Westpoint’s best hair straightener create beautiful, smooth locks with each pass. In addition, it works swiftly, reaching a maximum setting of 200C in just 30 seconds, allowing you to quickly produce effortless, lustrous hair. The straightener is kept at the proper temperature without areas of warmth because to the excellent ceramic covered plates that ensure heat is spread evenly. Additionally, ceramic material can give the plates long-lasting wear while protecting the hair from detrimental styling agents and scuffs. Hair Straightener WF-6711

  • 2 in 1 Curling Iron for Hair Straightener or Curling
  • 25mm Curling Tong with Chrome Plated and Ceramic Coating
  • 30 Seconds Fast Heat Up
  • On/Off Switch with Power Light Indicator
  • PTC Heater Max HeatUp Temperature 120-200 Degree Celsius
  • 360 Degree Swivel Power Cord
  • 51 Watts | 220 – 240V – 50Hz



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