How to Choose the Thickness of a Yoga Mat۔

, to learn yoga well, the condition of achieving the effect of body formation is to have strong hardware۔ Knowing how to buy a yoga mat is also very important۔ Many people buy yoga mats that are not suitable for them۔ The yoga mats they buy are either too thin or too thick۔ How to choose the thickness of a yoga mat۔ How to Choose the Thickness of a Yoga Mat۔ Best Yoga Mat Hot Yoga

(1) Beginners may use thick yoga mats, such as 6mm thick yoga mats, to prevent sports injuries۔

(2) After having a special base and experience, you can switch to a yoga mat with a thickness of 3.5mm to 5mm۔ Of course, if you’re too afraid of pain, you can always choose a relatively thick yoga mat for exercise۔ Choose according to the type of yoga learning

(3) If you do soft training based yoga, you will often experience sitting on a mat۔ At this point, a thick and soft yoga mat will make you more comfortable۔

(4) If you are practicing Power Yoga Flow Yoga, or Ashtanga Yoga, which is a type of yoga mat with a big jump ، So you need a thin and hard mat۔ On the contrary, a yoga mat that is very soft is not easy to move۔ Some people who are more demanding will find that too thick yoga mats hinder their contact with the ground and so on۔

(5) If your movements are not so stable, and you’re not sweating too much while running running, they are somewhere in the middle۔ What kind of mat is better؟ I suggest you choose a slimmer۔ The thick cushion (above 5 mm) loses a sense of contact with the ground, and will feel distorted when moving too much۔ In foreign countries, most yoga practitioners prefer to use thin mats۔ This is why۔ If you think you have knee pain when the thin cushion is doing some kneeling movement, you can place a towel under your knees۔

There are still many yoga scholars who want to know what type of yoga mat is best؟ TPE is the most advanced product for yoga mat products۔ It does not contain chloride, does not contain metal elements, and is anti-static۔ The PVC foam cushion is about 300 grams lighter, making it more suitable for carrying۔ The typical thickness is 6 mm -8 mm۔ The advantages of TPE pad are light weight, easy to carry, easy to clean, excellent in slip resistance in wet and dry conditions ، And the pad TPE material does not have high purity and smell۔ Most PVC foam cushions still have some flavor due to the process and cost, and there is no way to remove it۔ Even if some products do not taste, it does not mean that their ingredients have changed or that some harmful substances are not present ، Unless they go through various inspections through export product standards How to Choose the Thickness of a Yoga Mat۔

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