Now Take DSLR Photos with Mobile Camera

Smartphone cameras are amazing. Phones like Google’s Pixel 2 take great photos, but even today, these cameras can’t do what big, full-frame DSLRs can do. But the problem is that cameras are neither pocketable nor cheap. Now Take DSLR Photos with Mobile Camera

Perhaps this is where the idea of ​​WESPE was born. If you are also not happy with your phone photos, this project can give your photos DSLR quality.

The aim of the scientists working on this project called WESPE, Weakly Supervised Photo Enhancer, is to bring DSLR-like quality to smartphone cameras, for which they use artificial intelligence.

are using a retention system that has been trained He was given pictures of the same place taken with a phone camera and a DSLR. It is learning to know the difference between the two and is now rendering images itself in ways we can’t even imagine.

But After this process, some of the images look better, but the reality is that there is still a lot of work to be done on this project. As you can see from the photos on their website, not every photo looks natural, but rather obviously processed. That is, it is understood that it was not taken with a DSLR, but an attempt has been made to make it. Most of the images have more colors and it is also sharpening the images a bit more. Thus an artificial form emerges.

Still, lifeless smartphone photos are definitely worth watching. Then it’s a deep learning system that will continue to improve itself over time. So there is still hope for the best.

If you want to try this project, a demo is available for free where you can try it by uploading your images: Now Take DSLR Photos with Mobile Camera, best dslr camera 

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