Rode Reporter Handheld Interview Microphone

Designed for field interviews and presentations, the Rode Reporter Omni-directional hand held interview microphone is shock mounted internally for handling rejection and for low-frequency environment noises. The microphone has a frequency response specifically designed for speech with a boost from 4 to 10 kHz for enhanced clarity. The versatile omni-directional pickup pattern is ideal for interviews, allowing you to place the microphone between yourself and your interviewer, without having to adjust its position to capture both speakers. The microphone has a built-in multi-layered mesh basket which acts like a windscreen to reduce plosives, eliminating the need for external wind shielding. Rode Reporter Handheld Interview Microphone,

  • Dynamic Mic, Omnidirectional Pattern
  • Shockmounted Capsule Reduces Noise
  • Internal Pop Screen Reduces Plosives
  • Frequency Response Optimized for Speech

Rode Reporter Handheld Interview Microphone overview

Rs 38,900 

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