Simple refrigerator mistakes costing Aussie families $3800 a year

AUSTRALIAN families could save up to $3,700 a year by discarding less food, according to a research team led by RMIT university. The team found that one of the biggest causes of food spoilage is that people don’t “use” their refrigerators the way manufacturers want them to be used. The researchers surveyed dozens of households and found that only a small number of people knew they needed to change the temperature settings on their refrigerators to keep their food safe. “Most people didn’t know that they had to adjust their fridge after it was open for an extended period of time, if it got too hot in the summer or if they had loaded it up with a week’s worth of food,” said lead researcher Dr. BhavnaMiddha. Some key food waste figures include: 4kg of food being wasted each week in Australian households More than 90% of household food goes straight to landfill Households with children are more likely to open their refrigerators more frequently, resulting in temperature changes Simple refrigerator mistakes costing Aussie families $3800 a year

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