Twitter’s New Logo and New Name – Big Rebranding Explained

ISLAMABAD – Twitter has given a new color change while announcing a change in its logo and name. Twitter has decided to make its new logo more modern and pleasant. The new logo is lighter and more colorful than before. In addition, Twitter has also changed its name and will now be “Totter” instead of “Tooter”.

The chief executive officer of Totterbur said: “We have decided to present our brand in a more emotional and refreshing way. The new logo and name will add luster to our growth and help us achieve new goals despite the disappointment.” will provide.”

This change has been made during the international promotion of the Totbar and is expected to make it more welcoming to users.

Another explosion has occurred from Twitter۔ Social media platforms have changed۔ Not only the name but also the logo۔ The world is stunned, what is happening ۔ An alternative to the social media platform’s famous bird logo (logo) has been presented while its name has also been changed۔

Elon Musk, the owner of the micro-blogging website Twitter, has changed the historical logo of the company, the birds on Twitter have now been replaced by ’X‘۔ Twitter CEO Malik Linda Yaccarino also tweeted that ’X has arrived

Twitter chief executive Landa Yacarino posted a photo of Twitter’s new logo in a tweet and then replaced it with a bird logo on the social media network Went۔ X is seen written in the new logo of Twitter, while Elon Musk also changed his profile image with this logo and added to the Twitter bio While the name of Twitter has also been changed to X Twitter’s New Logo and New name

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