Ultrasonic Room Humidifier WF-1202

However, I can give you a general overview of what an ultrasound room humidifier is and how it works. What is an ultrasonic humidifier? An ultrasonic humidifier is a device that produces a small amount of water vapor through ultrasonic vibrations. This water vapor is then released into the atmosphere to raise the humidity levels in the room. Here are some of the most common features and information that you can expect to find on a typical ultrasound room humidifier: Ultrasonic Room Humidifier WF-1202

Moisturizes the Air for Easier Breathing

  • 360 Degree Adjustable mist nozzle.
  • On-Off and Steam Adjustment button.
  • 5 Liter Water Reservoir.
  • Adjustable vapour density control.
  • Removable water tank with silent operation.
  • Night light protection in case water runs dry.
  • 30 Watts | 220-240V – 50/60HZ


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