What is Photography? The Beginner’s Guide

Patting is also an image and only one image is visible in the mirror. But “photo” is something different from them, which comes from “photography”. And is this “photography”? Al-Jawb:- Making a “permanent image” of a scene through the light coming from it is called photography. As the name suggests: photography means photography from photography. And the origin of the word “photo” is from the Greek word “photos”. Which means “light”. Graphics means writing, writing, painting or drawing etc. Thus photography comes to mean “drying with light”. By the way, great name. What is it that in its essence photography is also the whole game of light. What is Photography? The Beginner’s Guide

Today, photography is a huge and rapidly expanding hobby. Almost everyone has a camera in their pocket. These cameras and photography have become a multi-billion dollar industry today. But have you ever thought that what has reached here today, where did it start and what stages did it go through? What is Photography? The Beginner’s Guide Best DSLR Cameras with Wifi

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