Which Smart Watch Charges with Solar?

Which Smart Watch Charges with Solar

According to a report, the purpose of Garmin’s first product in this regard is to keep the clock charged Ultimately, it means charging the clocks made using this technology with normal electricity It will not be necessary۔ Garmin’s first generation of smart watches was introduced last year with its Phoenix watches but These watches were … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S24 has Arrived and Gone


The arrival of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S24 was met with a combination of excitement and anticipation۔ With groundbreaking features and rumors of advanced technology, users eagerly awaited the release of this much-popular device۔ However, soon after its launch, news of a related incident began to circulate – an unfortunate exploding Samsung Galaxy S24 … Read more

PayPal: Is the Online Payments Company really Coming to Pakistan؟


The news of PayPal’s possible arrival in Pakistan has affected individuals and businesses alike It has given rise to enthusiasm and curiosity۔ PayPal, a popular online payments company, has been a game changer in the global e-commerce market, making transactions safe, convenient and efficient۔ The possibility of its arrival in Pakistan has led to easy … Read more

What is a DSLR Camera? (DSLR Guide

Which DSLR Camera has Wi-Fi

A DSLR camera, also known as a digital single lens reflex camera, is a powerful and versatile piece of technology that has revolutionized the world of photography۔ It combines the digital image capture facility with interchangeable lenses and the flexibility and control offered by a reflex mirror system۔ Unlike point-and-shoot cameras or smartphones, DSLRs give … Read more

What Size Speakers are Best?

What Size Speakers are Best

small speakers are perfect for bedroom plaster and practice AMP and can also reduce the spread of sound between low-output rooms in small numbers You can also keep the neighbors sweet, but perhaps the speakers in the most popular format are 12-inch speakers if you’re also interested in which one is the best size If … Read more

Will Robots Replace Humans in Amazon?

Will Robots Replace Humans in Amazon

Amazon, the most famous online buying and selling company, has introduced new report technology in its store. Amazon also says that the report is mixed with humans They will work, which will make it easier to work, the stores will work inside the warehouse of Amazon, where there will be facilities to carry the product

A significant increase in the Instagram Stories feature is Expected soon

A significant increase in the Instagram Stories feature is expected soon

California Techno with Video and Sharing Application website Instagram has introduced a new picture using which users can easily access other users’ profiles on their storage will be able to share and Instgram Stories is a very common part of the world. According to sources, the company continues to introduce some new futures to improve … Read more

Twitter’s New Logo and New Name – Big Rebranding Explained

Twitter's New Logo and New name

ISLAMABAD – Twitter has given a new color change while announcing a change in its logo and name. Twitter has decided to make its new logo more modern and pleasant. The new logo is lighter and more colorful than before. In addition, Twitter has also changed its name and will now be “Totter” instead of … Read more

Big News for Instagram Reel Users

Big News for Instagram Reel Users

Instagram has recently introduced a new and best future to download Instagram reels posted by Public Cones now in Meta-owned Instagram It has been confirmed that this futures up is being introduced globally as well. Instagram users also share the release posted on public profiles in DMs and stories With the help of this new … Read more

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